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You may not immediately think of it, but omega 3 is also a very welcome addition to your dog's daily diet.

We already consider it quite normal for ourselves to take omega 3 supplements, but a dog also benefits greatly from them.

Why omega 3 is good for your dog and which omega 3 is best for your dog, we'd like to tell you more about that.

Why omega 3 for my dog?

It is also important for dogs to balance the amount of omega 3 and omega 6 in their bodies.

However, a dog that usually eats dog kibble gets a lot of omega 6 fatty acids and little omega 3 fatty acids. That's because dog kibble is often made from cheap, vegetable oil.

Your dog may develop symptoms such as inflammation due to this imbalance. Giving your dog more kibble to make him get more omega 3 is not a solution. The ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 will remain unbalanced.

It is only the omega 3 that needs to be supplemented.

But why is omega 3 so good for my dog? Omega 3 fatty acids are also essential for your dog, just as they are for us. They help against joint problems, osteoarthritis and coat problems.

Omega 3 in a dog contributes to supple joints, good coat condition, a better immune system (fewer allergies) and counteracts severe shedding, dryness, flaking and red, itchy skin.

Omega 3 fatty acids also have proven positive effects in a dog on nerves, brain, survival time and intelligence. Especially in heavier dogs, adequate omega 3 is important.

Which omega 3 for the dog?

Omega 3 is something your dog needs to get through his diet. However, you find omega 3 mainly in oily fish, and that is not often on the menu for dogs.

Omega 3 fish fatty acid ALA is in vegetable oil, which they get through kibble. But your dog actually needs the omega 3 fish fatty acids EPA and DHA. Only about 10% of the ingested ALA is converted into EPA and DHA.

He needs to get the remaining EPA and DHA by other means. At Arctic Blue, we offer in our range liquid fish oil for dogs and fish oil capsules.

The ideal way to easily add the right omega 3 fatty acids to your dog's diet!

How does omega 3 work for dogs?

Omega 3 for dogs comes in the form of liquid fish oil and fish oil capsules.

Liquid fish oil can be easily added to food in the correct dosage or directly into your dog's mouth after eating.

Because the taste is neutral, your dog will enjoy eating his meal with the same pleasure.

Your dog's age and breed do not matter, omega 3 is suitable for all dogs.

How much omega 3 does my dog need?

Observe the following dosage for omega 3 for your dog:
Dog of 1-5 kg: 1 ml / 1 capsule
Dog from 6-10 kg: 2 ml / 2-3 capsules
Dog from 11-20 kg: 4 ml / 5-6 capsules
Dog from 21-30 kg: 6 ml / 8-9 capsules
Dog from 31-40 kg: 8 ml / 11-12 capsules
Dog from 41-50 kg: 10 ml / 14-15 capsules

Do not exceed this dosage of omega 3 for your dog unless your veterinarian recommends otherwise. During pregnancy and lactation, consult with your attending veterinarian.

For chronic symptoms, you can give fish oil permanently or temporarily in higher doses if needed. Omega 3 supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet.

Omega 3 oil for your dog or omega 3 capsules for your dog?

A bad omega 3 supplement loses its anti-inflammatory inhibition when the oil is too old.

And a rancid fish oil is downright unhealthy for humans and animals. The first signs of an oxidized fish oil is an abnormal fish taste.

Our liquid fish oil and fish oil capsules have no rancid fish taste due to oxidation. Pure Arctic MSC Fish Oil has high doses of EPA and DHA and is made from fresh Arctic wild fish.

It is liquid fish oil in a bottle with dispensing syringe. Our capsules are also made from the freshest oil. Using fresh oil (even for animals) is one of Arctic Blue's principles.

Because the fish is processed within 24 hours in cold northern Norway, the sensitive unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids remain in good condition.

Therefore, we are the only ones transparent about (and proud of) the oxidation value of the oil.

This one is so good that you can confidently take some of the omega 3 oil or capsules for your dog yourself!

Buy Omega 3 for dogs

So buying Omega 3 for dogs can come in the form of liquid fish oil or fish oil capsules.

Browse Arctic Blue's offerings at your leisure online and place your order.

We also offer a subscription, where you will automatically be sent your desired products containing omega 3 for your dog.

You can purchase your subscription online and (after the minimum number of deliveries) always easily cancel it by email.

Omega 3 for dogs: the experiences

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