one of our fishermen

Within 1 day his fish turns into our MSC fish oil. Straight from the source it’s made in the Norwegian fjords, in the Polar Circle. That is why Arctic Blue capsules guaranteed don’t have any after-taste.

Below picture wasn’t grabbed from the web, but it is Thomas his boat! This is the North of Norway. A part of the year, Thomas looks out at those snowy mountains. Sometimes this makes him a bit melancholic. The average Norwegian is very much in love with his land and sea. Fishermen are close to nature. Thomas is 4th generation fisherman. Handling the sea and its fishing stocks wisely, their profession, was taught to them at an early age.

If the fish aren’t keen, or if they are boating, Thomas sends us an app now and then. Sometimes a sunrise or Northern lights, or what’s on his sandwiches. We’ll throw it on Facebook or Instagram. Thomas agrees with that…

Arctic Blue: visser Thomas.


Crazy about Omega 3, serious about the sea

Not a single extra fish has to be caught for making Arctic Blue fish oil. We are very proud to introduce the first 100% sustainable fish oil. Arctic Blue has the MSC-certificate for sustainable fisheries and is working climate neutral.

As Omega-3 from algae is sustainable as well, we have developed Arctic Blue Vegan algal oil. Everything about the difference in sustainability and the impact on overfishing, you can find HERE at our ambassador Mr. Maurits Groen.

Arctic Blue Certified Sustainable Seafood


Real food gets appreciated again. Dieting-hypes are seen through and nutrition-experts explain us that most people can thrive without vitamin pills. Common sense is back again! Personally I very much like eating fish, and with some persistence my kids also do like fish. Eating fish remains first choice, fish oil is a replenishment. Fatty fish contains besides important Omega-3 fats, also premium proteins, vitamin A, D and B12 and minerals iodine, selenium, zinc and iron.

Why extra Omega-3? Friend and foe agree that many people will be healthier when they get enough or even an extra amount Omega-3 (read HERE why). 85% of the people eat too little fish. The wild fishes we love and eat a lot (haddock and cod) and the supermarket farmed fishes (pangasius and tilapia) unfortunately contain very little Omega-3. The fat fish are anchovy, sardines, herring, mackerel, tuna and eel.

Arctic Blue is thé alternative to Omega-3 brands that use old fish oil (causing belching) and is the alternative to Omega-3 brands that contribute to overfishing as they are buying wrong (not MSC-certified) oil.

In case you prefer no fish origin at all, we offer you a 100% vegetable Omega-3, Arctic Blue Vegan algal oil having the strength of fish oil. To your health!

Ludo van de Wiel

Staying informed?


Working is fun after discovering what’s driving you and what’s making you talk passionately. It gets really great when you are able to turn something bad into something good. Below organisations and people are busy improving things in their own field. They acknowledge the impact of sustainable fish oil and support the Arctic Blue initiative. We are happy with this encouragement, and their ambassadorship. Thank you very much!







Arctic Blue’s small softgels without off-taste are a pleasant alternative to me. The fact that nature is not harmed, makes it even better.


This fish oil is very close to nature, without too much claims that can’t be verified. I like that.

— Joop from Klundert —

I don’t like fish, but we need those fishy fats for our mental and physical health. I like this product because I know where the fish oil comes from.

— Fred from The Hague —

A health promoting softgel without any after-taste. Good for me and the environment.

— Sophia from Rotterdam —

My son likes Arctic Blue softgels, because they are small and don’t have any after-taste.

— Beate from Culemborg —

Most softgels are made with pork gelatine. Arctic Blue uses bovine gelatin in their fish oil softgel: 100% Halal. I like the idea that only fresh fish oil is used; you won’t experience any off-taste..

— Mrs. S.B. Shahalaei from Hoofddorp —

Always the right dose without any trouble. I like the slight vanilla flavour!

— Inge from Maarssen —

Mijn kinderen hebben absoluut geen enkele moeite met deze kleine, reukloze visolie pil.

— Lisette uit Antwerpen —
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