Arctic Blue MSC fish oil is the newest generation in fish oil. Softgels are small and easy to swallow, guaranteed free of any fishy odour. Fish oil is made within 1 day, in the Polar Circle. Most probably, this is the freshest fish oil in the world. As the origin is wild fish, quality checks always take place and possible pollutants are removed.

Not a single extra fish has to be caught for making Arctic Blue fish oil. Together with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification and a climate-neutral prodcution, this makes Arctic Blue MSC fish oil a 100% sustainable fish oil. Our ambassador, the World Wildlife Fund, recognises the Ecolabel from MSC as the best assurance to keep fish stocks at healthy levels.

Arctic Blue MSC fish oil is rich in fatty acids EPA and DHA and has approved – scientifically substantiated – health claims for maintaining a normal function of the heart, brain and eyes.

Ingredients: cod liver oil (fish), capsule shell (bovine gelatine, glycerine, water, vanilla aroma), antioxidant (tocoferol rich extract).

Composition: 2 capsules contain 336 mg Omega3 of which 112 mg EPA and 168 mg DHA.

Gluten free / Halal: Yes, both oil as capsule are 100% gluten free. Yes, both oil as capsule are Halal because made from 100% bovine gelatine (without mixing of pork gelatine).