• Arctic Blue’s small softgels without off-taste are a pleasant alternative to me. The fact that nature is not harmed, makes it even better.

    — Juliette, Utrecht —

  • This fish oil is very close to nature, without too much claims that can’t be verified. I like that.

    — Joop, Klundert —

  • I don’t like fish, but we need those fishy fats for our mental and physical health. I like this product because I know where the fish oil comes from.

    — Fred, Den Haag —

  • A health promoting softgel without any after-taste. Good for me and the environment.

    — Sophia, Rotterdam —

  • My son likes Arctic Blue softgels, because they are small and don’t have any after-taste.

    — Beate, Culemborg —

  • Most softgels are made with pork gelatine. Arctic Blue uses bovine gelatin in their fish oil softgel: 100% Halal. I like the idea that only fresh fish oil is used; you won’t experience any off-taste.

    — Mevr. S.B. Shahalaei, Hoofddorp —

  • Always the right dose without any trouble. I like the slight vanilla flavour!

    — Inge, Maarssen —

  • My kids have no problem at all using this small odourless softgel.

    — Lisette, Antwerp —