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Our principles

1. Clean fish oil

Our fish oil is made (from the fillet-cuttings) from fresh Arctic wild cod swimming in the Barents Sea, this lies between Nova Zembla, Svalbard and Northern Norway.

One of the cleanest waters in the world, far from the plastic soup in the Pacific Ocean between Asia and South America.

All our fish products come from sustainable fisheries and carry the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seal of approval.

2. Fresh algae oil

Our plant-based Omega-3 products are made from algae. Algae are mini-plants that can make their own Omega-3 fatty acids even on land in enclosed and controlled conditions.

With the oil from the algae we are already making various products. Since algae are the future, more and more will be.

All of our plant-based products carry the VEGAN label. With this we guarantee 100% that no fish oil has been used.

Highest dosage of EPA & DHA

800 mg DHA+400 mg EPA

Right off the spoon is great

Perfect taste and mouthfeel


Forget fishy on farmers/nasm taste