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Vegan collagen: what is it and what does it do?

You may have heard it passed by on a commercial on television: collagen. Collagen is a protein naturally present in your skin. It keeps your skin elastic and combats skin aging. After the age of 25 you lose about 1% collagen per year, the production of collagen declines. After the age of 50 collagen is often not produced at all. So it is high time to give collagen production a helping hand! But can this be done with vegan collagen?


What is plant collagen?

Vegetable collagen does not exist. Collagen is always animal. Collagen supplements are therefore only made from animal products. This is because animals also produce collagen, plants do not. But then how do you get plant-based collagen as a vegan? Some collagen supplements claim to be plant-based, but are actually a protein/amino acid mixture. The real collagen is missing, and thus does not stimulate your body to make (more) collagen. 


What do you need collagen vegan for?

The body is made up of 15 to 20% of different types of proteins. Collagen is the most abundant protein at 30 to 40%. As mentioned at the beginning, collagen makes for radiant, tight and fuller skin. But it not only helps your skin, it is also found in muscles, bones, blood vessels, teeth, hair, nails and cartilage. It is partly responsible for the formation of bones, muscles, tendons, joints and more. Collagen is also part of the connective tissue around your intestines, which protects your digestion.


How do you get collagen if you are vegan?

You can keep your collagen levels high by eating the right foods. Collagen does need vitamin C to be made. Want extra collagen but not a vegan food? Then salmon, eggs, marrowbone broth and white meat (chicken) are good sources of collagen.


The alternative: a vegan collagen supplement?

Sometimes it's not feasible to eat the right collagen-rich products or it's just the foods you don't like. Then, fortunately, there is the possibility of taking a collagen supplement. Because on your skin you can still smear a cream with collagen, but unfortunately this has no effect on collagen formation. Thanks to a collagen supplement, you take everything at once. It works from the inside out. But unfortunately, a vegan collagen supplement is thus not possible. Supplements that claim to be plant-based collagen (vegan) do not contain di- and tri peptides, like the hydrolyzed fish collagen. As a result, it does not have the same effect.


Buy vegan collagen?

Do you need support for low collagen production? Would you like to buy vegan collagen? At Arctic Blue, we only sell fish collagen powder, made from wild Norwegian cod. Wild fish has a very nice amino acid profile and thus provides a high quality collagen powder.

What is good to know is that for our collagen powder we do not catch any extra fish! In fact, we work with fillet trimmings. These trimmings remain after the fillet has been removed for the supermarket. For this, we work with Norwegian fishermen who work according to the strict MSC regulations. So making our fish oil has no adverse effects on oceans, the environment and local people. Not too much is caught and fish stocks remain healthy. This working method has earned us, as the first collagen product in the Netherlands, the MSC seal of approval.


Our collagen powder [view or order here] has a delicious strawberry flavor and dissolves well even in cold drinks and yogurt. It contains acerola powder with natural vitamin C, which is important for the formation of the body's own collagen. It consists of peptides (86%) and powder from the acerola fruit. This is a type of cherry from the tropics with a high content of natural vitamin C. Compared to an orange, it contains 30 times more vitamin C, so we do not use synthetic ascorbic acid. 


Our fish collagen powder is most similar to human collagen. It is easy to digest. In fact, the substances are quickly absorbed by the body, which is extra nice if you have a difficult digestion. 

We also have a natural collagen version [view or order here] . This contains no natural flavor or natural sweetener stevia, but only the collagen protein. the protein content is even a bit higher: 95%. The powder does smell like the sea, but stirred into yogurt or smoothie, you don't taste any of this anymore.


Vegan collagen experiences

We supply a lot to practices of professional skin therapists and to beauty salons, as people here are increasingly interested in how nutrition can improve the skin from the inside out. But also to the elderly and athletes who benefit from a higher intake of healthy protein, for muscle recovery, growth and maintenance.

Would you like to buy (vegan) collagen? Order sustainable fish collagen products in Arctic Blue's webshop and enjoy the many benefits collagen offers us.

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