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Algae oil is oil made from algae and is therefore more commonly referred to as vegetable (vegan) fish oil. Here's the thing: Fish oil is made from fatty fish. That fish becomes fat by eating algae. So algae are the source of Omega-3 fatty acids for fish.

Pure algae oil

Arctic Blue algae oil is known as a pure algae oil because the oil is not diluted or mixed with any other oil such as olive oil or fish oil. Proof of this is the Vegan seal of approval that can be found on every Arctic Blue pure algae oil package. This seal verifies that the ingredients are plant-based.

An alga is the only (mini) plant that can make those specific Omega-3 fish fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Since we cannot get those algae from the sea, they are grown on land.

Then the oil is harvested from the algae and you can make an algae oil supplement from it. It is actually vegan fish oil because a good algae oil has the action of fish oil. So Arctic Blue algae oil is very suitable for vegans.

What is algae oil?

Algae are single-celled (mini) plants found in rivers and oceans. Many species of algae exist in nature. However, there is 1 species that is capable of making the right Omega-3 fatty acids in large quantities.

From this alga we extract our algae oil. This alga listens to the name Schizochytrium. Just as yogurt bacteria and beer yeasts do their work in sealed hygienic vats, algae are also grown under controlled conditions into a thick mass. From this, algal oil is then extracted.

Algae Oil Omega-3

So the name Omega-3 algae oil refers to the Omega-3 fatty acids that algae oil is largely composed of. Now that a plant-based lifestyle is on the rise, the name Omega-3 algae oil will soon become an essential ingredient. You will start to see products with Omega-3 algae oil added to them.

Algae oil DHA EPA

When the first algae were grown on land, they contained only algal oil DHA. The algae have now been "trained" to the point where they can also make algal oil EPA or algal oil EPA DHA. Previously, these particular unsaturated fatty acids came only from fish. Those days are over. Vegan Algae Oil DHA EPA has become a full-fledged alternative.

Algae oil healthy

Algae oil is healthy and many people can benefit from the benefits of algae oil. The Omega-3 algal oil fatty acids EPA and DHA can contribute to overall health.

Already at a daily intake of 250 mg of both fatty acids, Omega-3 algal oil is good for the heart.

Is algae oil also good for your blood pressure? The answer is yes. At 3 grams daily of EPA and DHA from algae oil, it has been scientifically proven to help maintain normal blood pressure. Also, both fatty acids (2 grams daily) contribute to normal blood lipid levels.

Not insignificant when you know that elevated triglyceride levels can be a cause of arteriosclerosis. It should be mentioned that the upper limit "too much algal oil" also exists, which is at 5 grams intake of both substances.

In addition, algal oil also benefits vision and brain function with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA. Currently, universities are investigating the many other benefits of algae oil products. Due to European legislation, we are not yet allowed to publish this on a website.

A good algae oil has no disadvantages, only advantages. That is the special feature of this natural product.

Buy Algae Oil

When you want to buy or order algae oil, you can pay attention to the following things.
First, you can see if the packaging has the Vegan label.

You can then be 100% sure that the algae oil you are going to buy is also algae oil. Second, you can look at the amount of EPA and DHA per dose. Third, we find that a good algae oil should never give a burp or aftertaste.

This says something about the quality and freshness of the algae oil. At Arctic Blue, we guarantee this with our so-called 100% no-farmers guarantee. We also always measure the freshness of an algae oil in the laboratory.

Organic algae oil

When a crop or animal grows without pesticides, it can be called organic if certified. Organic algae oil is already being made, but does not exist by law at this time.

It is a matter of time before algae oil can be called organic, as legislation and certification are still some time away.