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Algae oil that is liquid, such as drops, is easy to take.

That also explains the popularity of this algae oil!

This way, you quickly get the amount of omega 3 you need.

At Arctic Blue, you can buy algae oil drops in a bottle.

Algae oil liquid healthy

Liquid algal oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, namely DHA and EPA. These fatty acids are essential nutrients. This means that our bodies do not produce them themselves, but you must get them through your diet.

You find these fatty acids mainly in (oily) fish and seafood, think salmon, mackerel, herring, trout and sardines.

If the smell or taste of oily fish displeases you, algae oil liquid is a healthy alternative!

There have been thousands of studies on whether fish oil and algae oil (liquid) containing omega 3 are healthy.

Meanwhile, several official health claims have been made by the European government that articulate why the omega 3 in algae oil (liquid) is healthy.

What is liquid algae oil good for?

First of all, EPA and DHA have a beneficial effect on the heart and is good for your eyes and brain. heart. In addition, DHA contributes to normal brain function and vision and (3 grams) EPA and DHA contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Also, (2 grams) are good for responsible trilglyceride/fat levels in the blood.

The omega 3 in liquid algae oil is also healthy for pregnant women and babies.

During pregnancy and lactation, the fatty acids contribute to the development of the baby's brain and retina.

Omega 3 is also added to special foods for premature babies.

Taking liquid algae oil

Taking liquid algae oil can be taken pure, straight from the spoon, or by stirring it into yogurt, a smoothie, your breakfast curd or salad dressing.

The recommended dosage for adults and large children is 5 ml, equivalent to a dessert or teaspoon (double the size of a teaspoon (2.5 ml).

Taking one dessert spoon or teaspoon of liquid algae oil is enough to get the needed omega 3.

In fact, this amount is equivalent to the converted omega 3 fats of over half a herring!

What's in liquid algae oil?

Algae oil liquid is a 100% vegan omega 3 supplement. It is the fish-free version of fish oil.

In fact, algae are the only plants that contain the same omega 3 fatty acids as fresh fish.

The main ingredients of algae oil is oil of the algae species schizochytrium sp. to which a natural rosemary extract and antioxidants are added, to protect the omega-3 in the algae oil.

At Arctic Blue, we have 2 types of liquid algae oil. The first is an algae oil for advanced vegetarians or vegans who, because of their healthy lifestyle, can convert the short Omega 3 ALA into EPA and DHA reasonably well.

For this purpose, we have mixed algae oil (rich in DHA) with flaxseed oil (rich in ALA). The oil has the spicy/nutty taste of flaxseed, which makes it best stirred into yogurt, for example.

The oil is free of a fishy aftertaste. Non-fresh and aged algae oil can oxidize and smell, but our algae oil goes into the bottle fresh and is protected from oxidation by the natural antioxidants of freshly pressed linseed oil.

Nature actually takes care of it all by itself!

The flaxseed oil ensures that the amount of omega-3 DHA is kept constant. This flaxseed oil is cold-pressed and not refined.

As a result, the sensitive omega 3 fatty acids are not damaged. This allows the algae oil to be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

That the oil may look a little cloudy is not a bad thing, but a good sign! It means that rich nutrients such as tocopherols, cartenoids and lignans are present.

This is because, after pressing, the oil is not industrially filtered, but decanted by hand. Just shake a little and use.

The second algae oil is a pure algae oil for people who need high doses of EPA and DHA. This oil contains as much as 3 times as much omega 3 as our main fish oil.

This algae oil is intended for people who have something to catch up on or special needs (see above blood pressure / triglyceride levels).

The oil is also very suitable for pregnant women who suspect low Omega-3 status.

The oil also has mild orange flavor, so it can also be taken right off the spoon.

Buy liquid algae oil

You can buy liquid algae oil from Arctic Blue by the bottle or in a subscription form.

Complete your subscription online and then automatically receive your desired algae oil.

You can always easily cancel your subscription (after the minimum number of deliveries) by email.

Check out which algae oil, liquid or capsules, you can buy from Arctic Blue in our webshop.

What is the best liquid algae oil?

We believe that the best liquid algae oil is clean, fresh, natural and sustainable.

That it does not cause belching. On our liquid algae oil, we confidently give a 100%-No-Object-Guarantee.

Omega 3 fatty acids obtained from poor quality algae can cause a fishy aftertaste or foul burps. Our liquid algae oil has a low Totox or oxidation value.

This prevents belching and is better for your body. It provides a smooth taste. We don't need to add artificial flavors to mask the taste!

What the best liquid algae oil is, you decide for yourself. Do you care about the taste, or the concentration of omega 3?

Both liquid algae oils have the vegan seal of approval, guaranteeing their plant origin.

We hope that after reading the above information you have already gotten a good idea of how we work and what we think is important.

Check out our products, the features of liquid algae oil with omega 3 and the benefits of taking algae oil with omega 3 (liquid) and make your choice!

Algae oil capsules side effects

Our algae oil capsules, pills or tablets have no side effects, as far as we know.

Only bad fish oil has side effects such as belching, heartburn, nausea and diarrhea.

Furthermore, excessive intake of omega 3 (an excess) is not recommended to avoid side effects.

Buy Algae Oil Capsules

At Arctic Blue, you can buy algae oil capsules by the bag or take a subscription.

The shelf life of the algae oil capsules is always listed on the product page. Would you like to buy algae oil pills, but doubt which algae oil capsules are the best? Then read our reviews and find out which algae oil capsules are good.

Or close your subscription online and then automatically receive your desired capsules. You can always easily cancel your subscription (after the minimum number of deliveries) by e-mail.