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Norwegian cod liver oil is famous throughout the world. In fact, Norwegian cod is the source of pure cod liver oil.

Actually, pure cod liver oil is just another name for fish oil, as it is also simply made from fish.

Our parents and grandparents must have had to take it many times. Not to everyone's satisfaction, the taste of cod liver oil was not always good.

But cod liver oil is back in a big way, thanks to the Omega-3 fatty acids present that are a welcome addition to our Western diet with less and less oily fish.

What is cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil is oil extracted from the liver of cod and cod-like fish such as haddock. The liver of large halibut is also sometimes used for this purpose. Pure cod liver oil has a pale yellow color and a mild taste when of good quality. Often an orange flavor is added.

What is cod liver oil made of?

Our cod liver oil comes only from Norway and is made only from the liver of fresh cod. When liver oil is made from this in low-oxygen conditions, the liver oil ingredients are not damaged and the taste remains perfect, as is the case with ours.

What's in cod liver oil is pretty simple: it's an oil with all kinds of different fats and a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. It also often contains vitamins A and D, iodine and phosphorus. There is still a myth going around that cod liver oil is supposedly made from whales.

This fable arose because long ago oil (whale oil) was also extracted from whales. This was used only as fuel for oil lamps and heating.

So this has nothing further to do with cod liver oil from fish.

Cod liver oil vitamin D

Before vitamin D tablets existed, cod liver oil served as the main source of vit D. Thus, it used to be given to children for the prevention of rickets, the crooked growth of bones due to lack of vitamin D.

In the 1960s, vitamin D could be made synthetically, greatly reducing cod liver oil consumption. Then tablets with vitamin D and margarine with vitamin D also became available.

This is very unfortunate, because then you miss the combination of substances that you would get if you took cod liver oil. As a result, you actually have to take several pills, whereas it could all come from one source.

Because the amount of vitamin D in cod liver oil varies, vitamin D is often added to keep it at a constant level. As a result, each daily dose (measuring spoon) has an optimal amount of 10 micrograms of vitamin D.

Vitamin A cod liver oil

The often high content of vitamin A in cod liver oil can be a drawback. Especially if it is taken for a very long time. Too much vitamin A during pregnancy can be dangerous.

Therefore, do not eat too much liverwurst or pate. Since there are hardly any vitamin A deficiencies, we have chosen a cod liver oil without vitamin A.

Omega-3 cod liver oil

While in the past omega-3 cod liver oil was taken because of its vitamins, today cod liver oil is mainly taken because of its omega-3 fats.

Many people do not consume enough fish so a spoonful of omega-3 cod liver oil can be a good supplement.

Cod liver oil healthy

Healthy cod liver oil with vitamin used to be given to children during the winter months. The benefits of cod liver oil are that it is good for strong bones and teeth and for a good resistance. Later people also found out that it is good for muscles.

Exactly how healthy or unhealthy cod liver oil is was studied much later, when the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids for humans became completely clear.

The fatty acids were found to be good for heart, brain function and eyes.

The great thing is that cod liver oil has no side effects. Many people think so because of the old stories about a foul taste.

However, when you taste a foul taste when taking our cod liver oil, you may call us immediately and ask for a refund. It won't happen again.

How much cod liver oil you can take per day depends on your weight and health. Using the formula "body weight x 0.15 ml" you can calculate your daily intake.

What is cod liver oil good for?

Cod liver oil is good for a lot of specific things related to your health. For example, cod liver oil is absolutely good for the skin. Many skin problems find their cause in poor nutrition.

Cod liver oil as a dietary supplement may be good for acne, rosacea and some eczema.

Fatty acids are building blocks of the skin, a good ratio of fatty acids is conducive to supple cell walls and help prevent dry skin.

Despite the fact that cod liver oil fats are good for the heart, cod liver oil does not lower your cholesterol.

Buy cod liver oil

Arctic Blue is among the best quality cod liver oil. This is because a good cod liver oil is a fresh cod liver oil. And that is exactly what we excel at.

The freshness of a cod liver oil is expressed in an oxidation value. Many cheap cod liver oil has a high oxidation value which then unfortunately can be tasted.

In the lab, we measure Totox values between 20 and 40, which is well above the Totox value (5-10) of Arctic Blue.

Also, the best cod liver oil is always in a dark glass bottle.

Another advantage of fresh cod liver oil is its long shelf life in the refrigerator.

So where to buy real Norwegian cod liver oil from the wild fish is in our webshop. The best cod liver oil for a good price!