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When Arctic Blue - founder, Ludo van de Wiel, was looking for a good-tasting omega-3 fish oil for his young children, he wasn't into supplements at all (still isn't).

Because of the special effects of fish oil, he made an exception for fish oil. When he found the right quality of fish oil in Norway, he immediately founded Arctic Blue Fish Oil; the fish oil supplement specialist with principles.

Arctic Blue now has 8 fish oil products, with or without vitamin D, capsule or liquid.

What is fish oil?

Fish oil is seen by some as a kind of elixir, a magic potion. Not unfairly, because of its fish oil composition and fish oil ingredients.

What exactly is fish oil and what is fish oil in? Fish oil is an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are polyunsaturated fatty acids. The most important are ALA from vegetable oils and nuts and EPA and DHA from oily fish or algae.

These fatty acids are called essential, because our bodies can hardly make them themselves. We have to get them from our diet.

So oily fish or a good fish oil contains enough of these two substances. Omega-3 fish oil is oil pressed from the fatty parts of a fish.

When done properly, the fish oil taste is perfect and freshness is high. Arctic Blue fish oil with vitamin D stands out here.

In addition, Arctic Blue also has fish oil with vitamin D. Both are fats making them ideal to take together.

People with fish oil deficiency also often have vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, the use of fish oil with vitamin D peaks in winter.

Fish oil, why?

Why should I take fish oil?

Fish oil may be necessary for people with certain complaints or when you eat little or no oily fish. Nowadays you can measure your Omega-3 levels yourself with a finger prick test.

It reveals whether you have eaten enough fish in recent years and the state of your health.

Why people take fish oil can have dozens of reasons. Literally thousands of studies show that fish oil is healthy.

What does fish oil do?

What fish oil does for you and the exact fish oil effects are being researched in various places around the world. It is scientifically proven that fish oil is good for your heart and for your brain.

But did you know that fish oil pills are also good for your eyes? When people take fish oil, we know that these body parts are being nourished.

The Omega-3 fish oil ingredients EPA and DHA are found in all sorts of places in your body, from your skin to your eyes and from your face to your blood vessels.

The fish oil DHA, for example, is a building block of your brain, nerves and retina, while the fish oil EPA is a building block of hormones.

Fish oil healthy

Fish oil is healthy and many people can benefit from its benefits.

The Omega-3 fish oil fatty acids EPA and DHA can contribute to overall health. Already at a daily intake of 250 mg of these, Omega-3 fish oil is good for the heart.

Is fish oil also good for your blood pressure? The answer is yes. At 3 grams of these two substances from fish oil daily, it is scientifically proven that fish oil helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Also, both substances (2 grams daily) contribute to normal blood lipid levels. Not insignificant when you know that elevated triglyceride levels can be a cause of arteriosclerosis.

It should be noted that the upper limit "too much fish oil" also exists, which is at 5 grams of intake of both substances.

In addition, fish oil also benefits vision and brain function with a daily intake of 250 mg of fish oil DHA.

Currently, universities are investigating the many other benefits of Omega-3 fish oil products. Due to European legislation, we are not yet allowed to publish this on a website.

A good fish oil has no disadvantages, only advantages. That is the peculiarity of this natural product.

Taking fish oil

When using fish oil, the time of taking fish oil does not matter. This can be in the morning in your breakfast (with the other fats from yogurt, for example).

Fish oil can also be taken after dinner. In either case, it mixes well with other fats, so the omega-3 fish oil fatty acids are well absorbed.

Buy fish oil

What aspects are important when ordering your fish oil?
We believe that a good fish oil should never give a burp or aftertaste. This says something about the quality and freshness of the fish oil.

The best fish oils, also tend to have the best taste. That's why at Arctic Blue we have the so-called 100% no-taste guarantee. Both with liquid fish oil and fish oil capsules.

Which fish oil to buy may also be due to other things. For example, Arctic Blue is known as a pure fish oil of Arctic origin. It is no coincidence that an MSC-labeled fish oil also has high EPA and DHA and extreme freshness.

This is because MSC-certified fish often comes from Norway, which has perhaps the best methods for making the freshest and best omega-3 fish oil.

Fish oil side effects

Omega-3 fish oil is fortunately not known for side effects. Of course, you can also take too much fish oil (see above). Do not take fish oil on your empty stomach. It is not pleasant and it is not absorbed well then.