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Many parents wonder: is fish oil suitable for children and does my child need fish oil? A good question that we are happy to answer for you. You swallow fish oil because of its omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential nutrients for adults and children. Your body does not make these substances itself. Therefore, it is important to eat foods that contain omega 3. You can find omega 3 in fish, seafood and green leafy vegetables, among others. And these are precisely the products that are usually not so popular with children.

My child often eats fish sticks. So is children's fish oil still necessary? Many fish prepared for children (kibbeling, fish sticks, tilapia and pangasius) are low-fat fish and contain very little of the important omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, you have to go with oily fish for this, such as herring, sardines and mackerel. Do your kids not like those? Then fish oil for kids is a good idea! At Arctic Blue, we even have special MSC Fish Oil Child. Brain Building Blocks Kids contains Pure Arctic MSC Fish Oil with Vitamin D and is for anyone who has trouble with oily fish. Especially kids!

Omega 3 fish oil child

The omega 3 in fish oil is important for your child because it is good for the heart, vision (staying sharp) and brain function.

There's a reason we call our omega 3 fish oil for kids "Brain Building Blocks.

As much as 20% of the fat in our brains is Omega-3 DHA; it is an important building block for brains (as calcium is for bones).

Beneficial effect vitamin D in fish oil child

Fish oil with omega 3 for your child also contains vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for maintaining strong bones, muscles and teeth and ensures a good resistance.

It has been researched that many children with tinted skin are vitamin D deficient. Especially during the winter months and spring, taking extra vitamin D for your child is recommended.

An increasing number of white children also lack vitamin D. On the one hand, people are eating less fish, and on the other, they are playing indoors more, which means their skin gets less sunlight.

Fish oil for your child: the right concentration

Arctic Blue Pure Arctic MSC Fish Oil Child has the right concentration for children. Our MSC Fish Oil Kind has high doses of EPA, DHA and vitamin D.

This fish oil can even be taken by a child as young as 1 year, 2 years and older.

One bottle of MSC Fish Oil Child contains 30 x the dosage for one day (5 ml) for children 3 years and older. Want to give fish oil to your 2-year-old or 1-year-old child?

Then half a dose (2.5 ml) is sufficient. The nice thing about our fish oil is that it is also suitable for stirring into cold dishes such as yogurt, custard, shakes and smoothies.

Which fish oil for my child?

What is the best fish oil for my child? A fair question. At Arctic Blue, we think it's important that fish oil is fresh. A child does not want to burp up fish oil later.

We give a 100%-No-Op-Boer Guarantee! A low Totox value prevents burping.

This also ensures our distinctive smooth taste and that there is no need to add artificial flavorings.

Arctic Blue also does not use plastic bottles for the liquid fish oil, only glass bottles. So we are sure that no hormone-disrupting substances can migrate from the plastic into the fish oil.

In addition, our MSC Fish Oil Child contains an orange flavor derived from real oranges and a rosemary extract from real rosemary leaves, adding to the fish oil's appeal.

The oil is free of artificial flavors and free of preservatives, colors or sweeteners.

Fish oil liquid or capsules for your child?

When you are convinced of the beneficial effect of fish oil for your child, you are naturally curious whether it is better to buy fish oil liquid for your child or fish oil capsules for your child.

The nice thing about our fish oil liquid is that with the measuring spoon, your child can easily take the right dosage by himself or with your help.

Because fish oil is liquid, you can easily halve the dosage for a younger child. With fish oil capsules, this is not possible.

However, a child under 3 does not need a full fish oil capsule, so liquid is preferred for a child under 3.

Fish oil child experiences

Have you tested our MSC Fish Oil Kind and want to tell about your experience? Please do! This way you help others to learn more about Arctic Blue Pure Arctic MSC Fish Oil Kind. Share your experiences here or read what others are saying about Arctic Blue!