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Buy Liquid Fish Oil

Liquid fish oil was the first product Arctic Blue launched.

From the need for a clean, fresh, natural and sustainable liquid fish oil that could be added to meals, we came across pure, Arctic MSC fish oil.

A liquid fish oil made for us in Norway from 100% fresh Arctic wild fish.

Meanwhile, we have been able to satisfy more than 10,000 customers looking for fish oil drops. At Arctic Blue, we only sell liquid fish oil with the MSC label.

The best guarantee of a sustainable fishery! We make our liquid fish oil only from the fillet-cut scraps of fish left over after the supermarket has taken off the edible part. These scraps are otherwise thrown away, and yet the oil in them is of high quality.

In addition, this way we do not have to catch additional fish (anchovies/sardines). Therefore, we do not violate the natural food chain of the dolphin, seabird, sea lion and different species of whales.

Is fish oil liquid healthy?

Yes indeed, liquid fish oil is just as healthy as fish oil capsules! Liquid fish oil is packed with good omega 3 fats.

Especially EPA and DHA, two fatty acids from omega 3 fatty acid group. Because your body does not make enough of them itself, you must make sure you get them through your diet. These fatty acids are mainly found in fish, seafood, as well as some eggs.

Can't manage to eat fish once a week, preferably oily fish? Then fish oil liquid is a healthy alternative. You'll still get your essential fatty acids.

What is liquid fish oil good for?

Liquid fish oil is good for a lot of things. First of all, it is good for your heart function and, at a daily intake of 250 milligrams of DHA, for your brain function and vision (staying sharp).

It has also been scientifically proven that the fatty acids in liquid fish oil are also good for blood pressure and triglyceride (blood fat) levels (at a daily intake of 3,000 and 2,000 milligrams of EPA/DHA, respectively).

The vitamin D in fish oil is also important for maintaining strong bones and teeth. This helps ensure good immunity and plays a role in maintaining strong muscles.

Liquid fish oil omega 3 during pregnancy

In addition, liquid fish oil omega 3 is very good for pregnant women and babies during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Adding liquid fish oil omega 3 to the diet is also recommended for premature babies.

Moreover, it is a healthy building block for children's brain growth. There is plenty of omega 3 in liquid fish oil. So there is no doubt that fish oil (with omega 3) liquid is healthy!

What's in liquid fish oil?

Arctic Blue's liquid fish oil contains cod oil, natural orange flavor, vitamin D, natural rosemary extract and antioxidants.

Our liquid fish oil has a high dose of EPA, DHA and vitamin D. If you take the daily dosage of 5 milliliters of liquid fish oil (one dessert or teaspoonful), you will get the omega 3 fats of (converted) over half a herring.

For greater requirements, it is safe for adults to take a double dose per day.

Taking liquid fish oil

Taking liquid fish oil is very easy. You can take liquid fish oil directly from the spoon. It has a perfect taste and mouthfeel.

And because our fish oil liquid comes from fresh fish from Norway, it has a less pronounced taste. So you don't have to worry about belching or a fishy aftertaste!

Even if you dislike the taste and smell of fish, taking liquid fish oil shouldn't be a problem.

Nevertheless, does it not seem like a nice idea to you? Then check out our liquid fish oil with a subtle orange or anise flavor, or stir your liquid fish oil into your cottage cheese for breakfast, for example!

What is the best liquid fish oil? Pure fish oil liquid

We believe that the best liquid fish oil is clean, fresh, natural and sustainable.

The first thing is that it does not cause belching. This is because that is a sign that the liquid fish oil is made from fresh fish. On our pure fish oil liquid we dare to confidently give the 100%-No-Object-Guarantee.

A good liquid fish oil is also clean. Arctic Blue's liquid fish oil is at least 75 times cleaner than tuna if we look at the heavy metal mercury and 20 times cleaner than herring and kibble, which are already listed as very clean.

Furthermore, we believe it is important that the liquid fish oil is not made from fish on the menu of dolphin, seabird, sea lion and whale.

What is the best liquid fish oil to buy also depends on your needs.

Do you care about provenance? Arctic Blue's MSC-certified liquid fish oil has the blue label.

Do you care about taste? Because our fish oil liquid comes from fresh fish from Norway, it has a less pronounced taste. It even comes with a subtle orange or anise flavor!

Buy liquid fish oil

At Arctic Blue you can buy different types of liquid fish oil. We differentiate between fish oil liquid for adults and children.

You can also buy a vegan version and a liquid fish oil for dogs and cats. Not sure which (liquid) fish oil is best to buy?

If so, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!