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Fish oil for dogs? It may not sound logical, yet it is in high demand.

And if you delve into the benefits that fish oil provides for dogs, you'll understand why.

That's why at Arctic Blue we also offer a special fish oil for your dog.

Have you become curious? Then read on quickly!

Why fish oil for dogs?

Dog kibble contains a lot of vegetable oil. This is often cheap oil with lots of omega 6 fatty acids and few omega 3 fatty acids.

An incorrect ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids promotes inflammation.

Your dog could develop symptoms because of this. To rebalance the ratio of omega 6 - omega 3, you can give fish oil to your dog, because giving more food to your dog is not always desirable either.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential not only for humans, but also for dogs, cats and horses. You need to get them through diet. However, Omega 3 is found mainly in oily fish, something that dogs don't eat much, if at all.

You can also find omega 3 fatty acids in vegetable oil, which does come in kibble. These only contain mainly the omega 3 fatty acid ALA, while dogs need the fish fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Your dog can only convert 10% of the ALA into EPA and DHA.

Also the excess omega 6 from kibble causes the omega 3 not to be converted as well. Therefore, fish oil is good for dogs, as an alternative to oily fish and as a solution to the lack of sufficient omega 3.

But what is your dog's fish oil omega 3 for? Why is fish oil good for dogs? Fish oil is very welcome for a dog with osteoarthritis or (coat) problems. Fish oil helps for dogs against joint problems.

Omega 3 contributes to supple joints, good coat condition, a better immune system (fewer allergies) and combats severe shedding, dryness, flaking and red, itchy skin.

Omega 3 also has proven positive effects on your dog's intelligence, brain, nerves and survival time. Fish oil thus helps against your dog's shedding and osteoarthritis, among other things.

Fish oil is good for dogs in many ways, including pregnant dogs.
Fish oil for dogs makes the coat shine again.

How much fish oil does a dog need per day?

You can easily add fish oil to your dog's food or directly into the mouth, after eating. It is neutral in taste.

Adding omega 3 via fish oil as a supplement to your dog's diet will bring omega 6 and omega 3 more into balance.

Especially in heavier dogs, this is important. Omega 3 is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Observe the following dosage when giving your dog fish oil:
- 1-5 kg: 1 ml
- 6-10 kg: 2 ml
- 11-20 kg: 4 ml
- 21-30 kg: 6 ml
- 31-40 kg: 8 ml
- 41-50 kg: 10 ml

Do not exceed this dosage unless otherwise recommended by the veterinarian.

During pregnancy and lactation, consult with your attending veterinarian. For chronic complaints, you can give fish oil permanently or, if necessary, temporarily in a higher dosage.

Giving your dog fish oil is not a substitute for a varied diet.

Which fish oil for dogs?

You also want to give dogs fresh fish oil, without a rancid fish taste due to oxidation.

At Arctic Blue, you get that guarantee. Our fish oil is free of burps or fish odor.
In fact, we give a 100%-No-Obbsorption-Guarantee on that !

We work with Norwegian fishermen. They work according to the strict MSC regulations.

Making our algae oil has no adverse effects on oceans, the environment and local people.

Fish oil liquid for your dog

You can buy fish oil for your dog at Arctic Blue.

This fish oil is available in liquid form for your dog or as fish oil capsules for your dog.

And the great thing is that you as the owner can also take some fish oil liquid (that you actually bought for your dog) with confidence!

The freshness, purity and quality is such that it is also simply suitable for adults. Even for horses!

Fish oil capsules for your dog

We also have fish oil capsules for your dog that are there even for vegan fed animals. For example, instead of 1 milliliter of fish oil, you can give 1 fish oil capsule to your dog.

Buy fish oil for your dog

Have you been looking for good fish oil for dogs for ages? Where to buy?

At Arctic Blue is the answer! With us, you can easily buy fish oil for your dog online.

We have fish oil liquid and fish oil capsules for your dog.