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5 reasons why MSC fish oil from wild fish is a better alternative than oil from farmed salmon for dogs and cats

Salmon oil is commonly given to a dog or cat. But why is salmon oil actually often given to a dog or cat? One reason is that salmon sounds good. However, the main reason is that a dose of salmon oil for dogs is quite inexpensive, compared to other fish oils.

But why is salmon oil for dogs and cats cheap? Salmon oil is made from the remains of farmed salmon. As more and more salmon are farmed, there are more and more leftovers, so salmon oil is still cheap. But is salmon oil from farmed salmon the right product for your dog or cat? How much salmon oil is right for your dog or cat? Here are 5 points of interest when you want to buy salmon oil. The question is whether you will buy salmon oil after this.

Drug residues

First of all, in fish farming, including salmon, the fish are much closer together than in nature. This causes diseases to develop more quickly. Drugs are used to fight these diseases. Farmed salmon and salmon oil may therefore contain residues of medications.


Second, contaminants may occur in salmon as a result of contaminated feed given to farmed salmon. In Norway, journalists are working to gain further insight into this. There is also much concern about the environmental contamination that occurs when farmed plump salmon are raised.

Lower Omega-3 content

Third, the Omega-3 content of farmed (puff) salmon has deteriorated quite a bit over the years. This is because these salmon cannot seek their natural diet, but are also fed vegetable pellets. As a result, farmed salmon is a lot less fatty than its wild brother. As a result, the salmon oil contains less Omega-3 EPA and DHA.

No hallmark

Fourth, many wild fish (sardines and anchovies from South America) have to be caught to serve as fishmeal (feed) for farmed salmon. Not really sustainable. Salmon oil is therefore never labeled.

Lower quality

People themselves will never take salmon oil because it is simply unpalatable, due to oxidation. So why would you give salmon oil to your dog or cat? Or to your horses?

If the fish oil comes from Norway, chances are it is made very quickly in a cold environment. This keeps the oil very fresh, which improves its quality. A good test to judge whether a fish oil's Omega-3 fatty acids are in good condition is to taste it yourself. When it has a mild taste with no fish odor, you know the oil is of good quality. When it has a strong fish taste or fish odor, then the oxidation process may have been going on for a while.