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Not eating meat and fish, what to look out for?

When you decide to stop eating meat, fish or both meat and fish, it is important that you don't do this indiscriminately, but learn more about what your body needs to consider.

After all, not eating meat and/or fish means you are not getting all the nutrients your body so desperately needs. 

What exactly is that about? Your body needs essential nutrients to keep all processes in the body running properly. Proteins, for example, are essential for the development of strong muscles and a good immune system. Meat is a major supplier of protein.

Protein is also found in dried legumes, eggs, dairy products and grains, products you can eat as an alternative if you no longer want to eat meat or fish. But the proteins in legumes, for example, are different from those in grains, which is why it is important that you eat a food from each category at every meal.

And iron from meat, for example, your body absorbs more easily than iron from plant products.

What do you need if you don't eat meat? Or if you don't eat meat, don't eat fish?

What nutrients are you missing when you don't eat meat? If you are going to stop eating meat, make sure you get enough protein, iron, vitamin B1 and B12. Not eating meat, but eating fish?

Then eat legumes or a serving of nuts, or seeds, eggs, soy products and fish instead of meat, preferably oily fish. In addition, it is good to take vegetables, bread and other grain products and dairy.

Moreover, vegetarians need 20% more protein than people who do eat meat. If you don't eat any animal products at all, you need 30% more protein than people who do eat meat and fish. This has to do with the amino acids in proteins and digestibility.

Not eating fish? Unfortunately, you cannot replace fish 1:1, because the health benefits of fish are unique. However, you can get the fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish by taking fish oil (capsules) to continue to enjoy the health benefits of omega 3.

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What substances do you need as a pregnant vegetarian or vegan? 

Are you pregnant and following a vegan or vegetarian diet? Then keeping an eye on your needs is extra important. Do you eat no fish or less than twice a week? Then keep up your omega 3 fatty acids by taking supplements.

In fact, Omega 3 is especially important for your unborn child and while breastfeeding. 

When pregnant, the omega 3 fish fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish or fish oil are needed for the development of the baby's retina and brain. Maternal intake of DHA contributes to normal fetal eye development and in breastfed infants

In the last 3 months of pregnancy and in the first months after birth, your baby's brain grows proportionally a lot. Your baby extracts this omega 3 from the mother's body.

Want to supplement omega 3 as a vegetarian or vegan? Then take algae oil (capsules) as a supplement. 

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