Arctic Blue is the Omega-3 specialist with principles. Our mission is to modernize and preserve fish oil and algae oil products. We have the right Omega-3 supplement for every personal customer need. With 6 different algae oil products in plastic-free packaging, we are leading the way in sustainability. For our fish oil (and fish collagen), no fish is caught extra: they are 100% made from cutting residues. They always have the (strictest) MSC label and come from Arctic waters. This is what is meant by We make waves.

Our products are mainly sold through our webshop, but are also available at Holland & Barrett. We are currently taking our first steps abroad.

For our team in Utrecht, we are looking for several new colleagues with a personal affinity and interest (and perhaps background) in nutrition and health. And with a heart for environment and sustainability. Candidates can be experienced, junior or even still a student.

Possible duties:

  • Content creation in a broad sense for socials, blog, e-book, email marketing. Are you handy with video and text? Do you have an interest and feel for new developments (ChatGPT)?
  • Customer service online/offline (private and/or business) whether or not as an apprenticeship
    (technical) Product management/administration
  • Market research for new products
  • (co ) Organizing trade shows

Additional for a more externally focused / extroverted person:
- Support sales activities
- Approach affiliates (blogger or youtuber)
- Collaborate with suppliers

We are looking for people who have their lives in order, who are easy and pleasant to get along with, who can express themselves well both verbally and in writing, and who by nature:

- are organized
- can work in a structured way
- are not afraid to pick up the phone
- enjoy figuring out, inventing and implementing new things on their own
- knowledge of German or French is welcome, as is a feel for numbers/excel, but not a must

In consultation, we can offer a also part-time / zzp work.

Work takes place at our office in Utrecht-Zuid, working with colleagues in our small team.

Flexible working hours by arrangement. Small part working from home possible. For questions call 030-2447097. Applications: