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It is sometimes said or written that omega 3 in capsules or tablets would not be as good as omega 3 from a bottle. The story then is that making capsules creates heat, which would have a bad effect on the omega 3. Unfortunately, this is a myth from people who like to promote bottled omega 3.

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In the past, when only mediocre omega 3 was made, it was indeed the case that a capsule gave foul belching after swallowing. This is still common, but it is not due to the making of the capsule, but to the use of bad/cheap fish oil. When, like Arctic Blue, you use fresh oil for your omega 3 capsules, belching will never occur and the quality is the same as from the bottle. It's not for nothing that Arctic Blue gives a 100% No-Objection Guarantee on its omega 3 pills. Find out for yourself and take the omega 3 capsules test!

Omega-3 fatty acids in capsules

Omega 3 fatty acids are among our essential nutrients. These omega 3 fatty acids come in capsules via algae. Algae are mini-plants that can make their own omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish that eat algae get the fatty acids this way. These are fatty fish, such as herring and sardines.

People who then eat oily fish again get omega 3 fatty acids this way.

To make most types of fish oil, these fatty fish are caught to make fish oil rich in omega 3.

At Arctic Blue, we use the fillet trimmings left over after the fillet is taken off for the supermarket. So no extra fish is caught for it! One cod, in addition to the fillet for the supermarket, yields as much as 1 bottle of fish oil or 250 capsules.

Swallowing Omega 3

Taking omega 3 fits with a healthy diet. You can find omega 3 in meat, eggs and green leafy vegetables, for example, but mainly in fish and oil.

The best-known omega 3 fatty acids to swallow are ALA, EPA and DHA. ALA is found in vegetable oils, especially flaxseed oil. EPA and DHA are found mainly in fish, seafood and shellfish.

Your own body does not make these substances. Therefore, it is important to take omega 3 when you do not eat enough of them.

Would you rather not swallow omega 3 capsules based on beef gelatin? Arctic Blue also has omega 3 capsules based on fish gelatin.

In addition, Arctic Blue has omega 3 capsules with vegetable casings, called vegetarian omega 3 capsules. Tiny algae oil capsules with the vegan seal of approval!

And, of course, free of burps or fish odor. The capsule shell is plant-based because the gelatin has been replaced with seaweed, among other ingredients.

Omega 3 capsules healthy

Thousands of studies have been done on the importance of these good fatty acids for our health. Hence, the European government has created official health claims that articulate the effect of omega 3 fatty acids on the body.

Omega 3 capsules provide a variety of positive health effects. First, they protect against cardiovascular disease and are good for your eyes and brain.

Can't manage to eat (oily) fish every week? By taking omega 3 capsules, you reduce your risk of dying from heart disease.

In addition, DHA contributes to normal brain function and vision, and (3 grams) EPA and DHA contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Taking Omega 3 capsules is also good for pregnant women and babies. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the fatty acids in omega 3 capsules contribute to the baby's brain and retina development.

In addition, the specific fatty acid ALA is needed for normal growth and development in children. Your baby will get enough of the fatty acids if you eat according to the Disk of Five.

Do you eat little or no fish? Then swallowing omega-3 capsules is healthy. Omega-3 is also added to special foods for premature babies.

Omega 3 capsules with vitamin D

Vitamin D is also essential for our bodies. For strong bones and teeth and for proper muscle function and the maintenance of our resistance.

A large part is produced by our skin (under the influence of sunlight) itself. About 1/3 of it is obtained from food. Vitamin D is found in fatty fish, organ meats, some types of fish oil and egg yolks.

Are you not eating these products enough or are you inside a lot? Then Arctic Blue also has omega 3 capsules with vitamin D for you!

In omega 3 capsules with vitamin D, the vitamin D is optimally absorbed by the intestines because oil is also present. The ideal combination!

How many omega 3 capsules per day?

The Health Council recommends that adults get 200 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids from fish per day.

If you eat one serving of fish a week, you will achieve this. Don't eat this? Then swallowing omega 3 capsules is a good alternative.

So how many omega 3 capsules do you take per day? The recommended usage is 1 capsule per day, but for greater needs it is safe for adults to take up to 6 omega 3 capsules per day.

Buy Omega 3 capsules

At Arctic Blue, we work with a subscription form. You close your subscription online and then automatically receive your desired omega 3 capsules. You can always easily cancel your subscription (after the minimum number of deliveries) by e-mail. Of course, you can also buy individual packages of our products.

Omega 3 capsules review

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